District Grading Guidelines

Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grades

Students will be provided with both large and

small group instruction which will allow each

individual student to progress toward mastery

of specific benchmark objectives that are grade

appropriate. Beginning with the second grading

period, teachers in kindergarten will report

student progress at the end of each nine weeks

period using the following codes:


Y= Yes, I can!

P= I am progressing!


Students in grades 1-3 will receive a letter

grade. In the first grade only, reading shall

receive a grade of S, N, or U for the first nine

weeks. Specific comments on reading progress

must be made by the teacher on the report card.


Grades 1 - 12

Grade Scale for Grades 1 -12, Regular Courses

The following grade scale is adopted as a

standard of numerical equivalents to letter

grades and quality-point values:

Mark Quality Standard Achievement Points               Code

A         4                    100-93%                                            Superior

B         3                     92-85%                                              Good, above average

C         2                    84-75%                                              Average

D         1                    74-67%                                              Below average, barely passing

F          0                    66% or below                                    Failing

S         —                  —                                                        Satisfactory

N         —                  —                                                        Needs improvement

U          —                    —                                                       Unsatisfactory

I           —                  —                                                        Incomplete work